Ammika Harris Jams Out To An All-Chris Brown Playlist As Fans Speculate Their Relationship Status

Chris Brown’s music was on Ammika Harris’s mind when she shared a playlist that she was listening to featuring her former flame’s music from his 2016 album ‘Before the Trap: Nights in Tarzana.’

Ammika Harris was in the mood for music on March 3, and had some specific songs in mind. The model, 26, shared a screenshot of the playlist she was listening to that featured music by her former love, and father of her three-month-old son, AekoChris Brown. Ammika shared with her over 800 thousand Instagram followers that she was listening to songs from the “Loyal” singer’s, 30, 2016 album Before the Trap: Nights in Tarzana. A few of the songs she was jamming out to included “Like I Done It Before (Feat. Young Lo),” “Actin’ Like This (feature Dee Cosey),” and “Love Gon Go.” The snap comes just as fans continue to ponder the status of Ammika and Chris’s relationship.

Fans know that Chris and Ammika’s romance has anything but conventional. They were first spotted out and about in Paris together in 2019, and though they never put a label on their relationship, fans assumed based on flirty comments on each other’s social media posts that they were definitely an item. Their relationship was taken to a whole new level, however, in November 2019 when the pair welcomed baby Aeko into the world!

Since then, they have been co-parenting their infant son, but some fans have been led to believe that there is definitely something more happening between these two. On Jan. 10, the former couple sparked marriage rumors after rocking some diamond rings on that finger! Ammika, posted a photo to her Instagram where she was wearing several stunning diamond rings on her left ring finger. Furthermore, Chris had been seen in December sporting the same kind of jewelry. But Ammika’s second pic in her Instagram story was a tad confusing. “Marriage doesn’t guarantee you will be together forever. It takes love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship, and faith in your relationship to make it last,” she captioned a pic of an older married couple holding each other close.

ammika harris
Courtesy of Ammika Harris’s Instagram story.

Along with the mystery behind the rings, Ammika also shared a sexy snap of Chris on Feb. 8. The pic was a shirtless photo of her former flame that truly sent fans off the edge. But it was yet another hint at a possible romantic reconciliation between the pair. So, could all of these pics be clues to something bigger than fans had thought previously? We’ll have to see what these two share next!

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