Antonio Brown shows how badly he wants Tom Brady reunion

Antonio Brown took to his Instagram on Friday to congratulate former teammate Tom Brady on officially signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But if Brown were thinking of reuniting with Brady down south, that may be an unlikely possibility — at least for now.

Despite Brown expressing his apparent good relationship with the six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback, the Buccaneers were not likely to sign the free-agent wide receiver, according to the NFL Network.

Brown’s off-the-field issues and his brief tenures last season with the Raiders and Patriots seem to be standing in the way of a signing possibly happen in Tampa Bay.

But the former NFL All-Pro still is hoping for a reunion with Brady after playing only one game with the soon-to-be 43-year-old quarterback.

He caught four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown against the Dolphins in Week 2 before being released days later after being accused by two different women of sexual assault.

“I’m ready to get out there and show people what I can do. I’ve been missing for a couple of months so I’m excited to get back and get back to what I love and doing what I like to do,” Brown said Friday on the “Mike Calta Show” the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

“I’ll be really grateful if I had that opportunity to play in Tampa Bay, to play anywhere. Obviously to play with Tom Brady would be an extreme honor. You know his quality of leadership. He’s passionate and he wants to win. You know you are going to have a chance to do something if you are with him.”

The Buccaneers may not want to deal with the 31-year old Brown for a number of reasons.

Brown still is being investigated by the NFL for a civil suit filed September after his former trainer alleged Brown raped her.

Before those allegations came to light, Brown was cut by the Raiders in the preseason just months after being traded there by the Steelers.

The Patriots then cut him after Brown allegedly sent “intimidating text messages” to a second woman that accused the 10-year pro of sexual misconduct.

Brown has apologized for many of his alleged indiscretions, which also included his arrest on Jan. 24 for battery and felony burglary in an altercation with a delivery truck driver. Brown said he is confident his issues can be resolved to put him back on the football field.

“For me, the NFL they wants to know we don’t have no distractions on my name coming back to the field,” Brown said. “So I think those things are working themselves out and I should be back shortly. l’ll be grateful to have the opportunity for a fresh start and hopefully find out where that is going to be real soon.”

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