Ben Bartch’s shocking diet to prepare for 2020 NFL Draft

Athletes often go to extreme measures to bulk up or slim down, but one Division III football prospect resorted to an unorthodox approach to fuel his rapid weight gain.

Offensive lineman Ben Bartch of St. John’s University in Minnesota told reporters he relied on morning smoothies to efficiently put on nearly 60 pounds as he transformed from a tight end to a tackle.

His next-level meal replacement is a hodgepodge of seven scrambled eggs, a tub of cottage cheese, quick grits, peanut butter, a banana and Gatorade all blended together. Literally, an entire meal in a NutriBullet.

“I just kind of researched online for the most clean and healthy ingredients for putting on good mass,” Bartch explained at the NFL Combine. “I’d gag sometimes, but that’s what you have to do.”

The mélange, albeit nauseating, worked for the 6-foot-6 player, who earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl this past year and is one of few, if any Div. III athletes under serious consideration for the 2020 NFL Draft in April.

“That summer I went from 250 [pounds] to 275, and then after that I went from 275 to 305,” he said. He weighed in at 309 pounds in Indianapolis this week.

Offensive lineman Ben Bartch at the 2020 NFL Combine.
Offensive lineman Ben Bartch at the 2020 NFL Combine.Getty Images

Bartch, 21, is far from the only NFL hopeful with an insatiable hunger. Also at the combine, Fresno State guard Netane Muti claimed to have eaten a “10-by-10” at In-N-Out Burger: 10 beef patties and 10 slices of cheese fashioned between a bun.

Bartch is sidelined from drills at the combine due to a knee injury, but plans to work out at Minnesota’s pro day on March 25. He’ll presumably have to down a few more franken-shakes in the interim.

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