‘Blindsided’ Ken Giles willing to give back Astros World Series ring

One former Astro is ready to relinquish his World Series ring.

Ken Giles, who spent three seasons (2016-18) as a reliever in Houston, told the Toronto Sun that he had no knowledge of his former teammates’ sign-stealing scheme while winning the 2017 championship, but he would still be willing to surrender the prized jewelry he earned from the now-tainted run.

“Whatever they ask, I would oblige because what was going on at the time was not OK,” said Giles, who is now with the Blue Jays. “It just hurts. If they want it back, I’ll be true to whatever needs to be done.”

Though the scandal was made public by a pitcher (Mike Fiers) and has since caused multiple pitchers who were with the Astros to apologize for remaining silent on the hitter-driven system, Giles claims he knew nothing about it.

Ken Giles
Ken GilesGetty Images

Now that he does, Giles wouldn’t object if the Astros’ only championship was stripped.

“It crushed me to learn about the stuff that went on when I was there,” Giles said. “I had no idea. I had no clue whatsoever. I was blindsided by the commissioner’s report. Up until then, I honestly didn’t believe it. Just crazy.”

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