Boomer Esiason teases WFAN drama amid Tony Romo free-agency chatter

Tony Romo’s NFL TV free-agency decision could potentially cause WFAN another headache.

With the possibility of Romo leaving CBS — The Post’s Andrew Marchand reported ESPN is primed to throw “crazy money” at him for “Monday Night Football” —  the speculation around who could potentially replace him has begun. Marchand noted that Esiason would be among the candidates to for a spot alongside Jim Nantz.

When Romo was playing in a PGA Tour event in September, Esiason was the choice to move from the studio and call that Bears-Vikings game if Romo had made the cut.

WFAN co-host Gregg Giannotti couldn’t help himself and brought up the rumblings during Wednesday’s “Boomer and Gio” show. Visibly disappointed with the direction of the conversation, Esiason was blunt with his response.

“If that would happen, I would have to seriously consider ending this job,” Esiason, 58, said.

“No, no, no, no, what?!” Giannotti said in disbelief.

“I’d have to put all my efforts into that game of the week,” Esiason said. “By the way, CBS has the Super Bowl this year so there’s no half-assing it. You’re either all in our you can’t be in it at all.”

Esiason’s threat could have just been revenge for the “uncomfortable” topic being brought up. However, Esiason left his duties calling Monday night games for Westwood One Radio before the 2018 season. He is an analyst for CBS’ Sunday pregame show, but that shoots in Manhattan.

Giannotti, who permanently joined Esiason on the WFAN morning show in January of 2018, refuted the idea that Esiason wouldn’t be able to handle the workload for both roles. But Esiason reaffirmed his position on the idea.

“Let’s just say hypothetically they came to me and said hey we want to ‘slide you over,’ Esiason said. “Then I’d have to quit this job.”

Esiason has been a part of the WFAN morning show since 2007, when he replaced Don Imus.

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