Brady Quinn unloads on Booger McFarland over Zach Wilson ‘money’ dig

Brady Quinn unloads on Booger McFarland over Zach Wilson ‘money’ dig

Fox Sports analyst Brady Quinn didn’t like the “dumb stuff” that ESPN’s Booger McFarland said about Jets quarterback Zach Wilson last week on “Monday Night Countdown.”

During a recent appearance on the “Pick Six Podcast,” Quinn took issue with McFarland’s comments about Wilson, who did not take responsibility for his poor performance in a Week 11 loss to the Patriots.

McFarland stirred controversy when he implied Wilson hasn’t accepted accountability for his play because he “grew up with a lot of money” in his native Utah.

“The entire argument is so stupid… It was one of the dumbest things I’ve heard on air,” Quinn said. “And that’s saying something because Booger was on ‘Monday Night Football’ and he said a lot of dumb stuff during that period of time.

“…The interesting thing is that Booger came out on Ross Tucker’s podcast and defended himself as an analyst. OK, well you just contradicted what you just said. Because as an analyst, you’re supposed to be analyzing what’s on the field. The last time I checked, you don’t have a doctorate or you’re not a doctor in understanding the sociology of the relationship or the parenting or anything else that goes along with that yet you want to analyze that. It was a bizarre deal.”

McFarland’s comments came after Wilson said he didn’t feel as though he let down the Jets’ defense after scoring just three points in the loss to New England.

“Let’s understand who this young man is before we ask him to accept accountability,” McFarland said last week. “He’s a young man who grew up with a lot of money. I don’t think he’s ever had to accept accountability. And so now on the biggest stage, we want this quarterback to accept responsibility.”

Fellow ESPN analyst and Hall of Fame 49ers quarterback Steve Young chimed in during the broadcast and defended Wilson, saying that McFarland’s comments did not “resonate at all.”

Wilson was benched for Mike White after going 9-of-22 for 77 yards against the Patriots.

Jet quarterback Zach Wilson looks to pass against the Patriots during the first quarter at Gillette Stadium on Nov. 20, 2022 in Foxborough, Massachusetts.
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White threw three touchdowns in a win over the Bears on Sunday, going 22-of-28 for 315 yards while commanding the offense effectively.

Saleh told reporters on Monday that the quarterback position will be a “week-to-week” decision.

The Jets visit the Vikings on Sunday.

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