Britney Spears, 38, Shows Off Toned Abs While Sunbathing After Sharing Video Of Her Foot Injury — Pics

Britney Spears gave her injured foot a break by getting it sandy on a beach in Maui! The pop star looked like the darling of the beach in a blue snake print bikini and cowboy hat.

No crunching sounds here! After sharing a video of her foot breaking mid-dance rehearsal, Britney Spears gave her feet (and fans’ ears) a break by relaxing on a beach in Maui. The gorgeous 38-year-old pop star lounged on the sandy shore in a blue snake print bikini and white cowboy hat, and shared photos of her fashionable beachwear to Instagram on Feb. 28!

Britney is living it up in one of her favorite vacation spots! A day before sharing the bikini photos, she also posted pictures of her pit stop at Maui’s massive banyan tree. It’s a landmark in the beachside town of Lahaina, and Britney raved that the natural wonder is her “favorite.”

The “Womanizer” singer also marveled at Maui’s very vocal myna birds, and made sure to post a clip of the cacophony of chirps on Feb. 26! “I’ve never heard something so loud before in my life …. I felt like I was in a zoo !!!!! Such a cool day !!!! PS if you’re a bird then I’m a bird too …. pssss I get to be loud too wheeeee 😅😳😳😜 !!!!!,” she captioned the clip. Instead of the birds’ noise level, though, some fans were more distracted by Britney’s mysterious and British-esque “accent”! Perez Hilton commented, “That accent…,” while another follower wrote, “I can’t handle the accent.” 

As Britney vacations in Hawaii, she has also been on an indefinite break from dancing. The pop icon revealed that she hasn’t danced “in six months” in a post that revealed the moment she broke her foot! On Feb. 26, Britney shared an intense dance clip that captured the alarming moment. “PS you can hear where I broke my foot here 🙄🙄🙄 ….. sorry it’s kind of loud !!!!!” Britney wrote in her video’s caption, and she wasn’t kidding — we’re happy she’s recovering in paradise, now!

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