Christopher Robinson: 5 Things To Know About Amanda Knox’s New Husband

While Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson legally wed in 2018, the couple just said their vows in front of their loved ones on February 29, 2020. Learn more about Amanda’s husband!

Amanda Knox is a married woman. The podcast host and author, who was exonerated for the 2007 murder of her roommate in Italy, tied the knot with her boyfriend of five years, Christopher Robinson, on February 29. Amanda, 32, and Christopher’s out of this world, Leap Day wedding was attended by family and friends rocking costumes — everything from Star Wars characters, to flappers, to Egyptian gods, and French revolutionaries. While the world knows Amanda’s story, Christopher hasn’t faced the same massive media coverage. Here’s five facts about the writer who just became her husband:

1. He’s a published author and poet. Christopher’s work has appeared in publications like the satire site McSweeney’s, as well as The Kenyon Review. He was also a Yale Younger Poet Prize finalist. He’s written two books: War of the Encyclopaedists, and Deliver Us, both with co-author Gavin Kovite. Deliver Us, according to the authors’ profile on their publisher’s site, “is a prescient and provocative literary novel that moves swiftly through near-future Detroit as a black social-media activist leads a campaign against Amazon, whose new fleet of delivery drones offers rebirth to the blighted city while threatening to magnify existing racial inequalities.”

2. He and Amanda started dating in 2015. Christopher and Amanda met when she was reviewing his book, War of the Encyclopaedists, for a local magazine. Though they held their wild, costumed wedding in February 2020, they revealed that they had actually married privately in December 2018 “to simplify our taxes and insurance,” Amanda said in an August 2019 statement.

3. He produces and writes for Amanda’s podcast. Christopher and his wife created The Truth About True Crime with Amanda Knox, which is now in its fourth season. The podcast “goes beyond the sensational headlines and snap judgments of bystanders and tabloids, as host Amanda Knox brings her unique perspective on the justice system to look at some of the most shocking crimes of our lifetimes through a whole new lens.”

4. His 2018 proposal to Amanda was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial themed. Christopher led Amanda outside, where it looked like a meteorite landed in their backyard. “I had been thinking about this, but it’s already happened in the future,” Christopher said in a video taken during the proposal. “It’s happening now. I don’t have a ring, but I do have a big rock. Will you stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns out and even after that? Amanda Marie Knox, will you marry me?” She obviously says yes!

5. He’s a scholar. Christopher got his undergraduate degree from Boston University, and has an MFA from Hunter College. He is also a MacDowell Colony fellow.

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