Dan Le Batard, Clay Travis feud over canceled ESPN show: ‘Traffics’ in hate

The cancellation of ESPN’s “High Noon” caused quite the stir.

Following ESPN’s announcement that the show would run through the end of March before ending completely, Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis added his two cents on the matter.

“New ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro is systemically wiping out pretty much every vestige of woke sports on the network,” Travis wrote on Twitter Monday. “It’s a smart move because woke sports doesn’t rate and never has. Two latest casualties.”

ESPN said it canceled the show, which was hosted by Pablo S. Torre and Bomani Jones, for poor viewership. In a statement to Sports Business Journal, the network said, “Co-hosts Pablo Torre and Bomani Jones are extremely talented, and they helmed what we believed was a smart and nuanced show. Unfortunately, not enough people agreed with us.”

Dan Le Batard brought up the show’s cancellation in the second hour of his show Tuesday and responded to Travis’ comment.

Describing the cancellation as a “victory lap for dumb people,” Le Batard then singled out Travis as one of those people taking a victory lap. He also made a point to say that he isn’t sure “how sincere Clay Travis is on anything that he believes other than profit.”

“It’s totally unfair but it’s what this dude traffics in,” Le Batard added. “He’s a lawyer. He’s an otherwise smart person. Maybe he’s smart for just doing this for profit but I really do question the sincerity. He’s carved his own lane, but it’s a hateful lane. It’s a divisive lane. It’s a profitable lane for him, but he’s the one who’s got to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror.”

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