Dee Snider Calls Trump’s Coronavirus Response A ‘Mockery’ Amid His Daughter Still Trapped In Peru

Twisted Sister rocker Dee Snider has begged for help to get his young daughter back from Peru and slammed Trump over his response to the outbreak.

Rock legend Dee Snider is begging to have his daughter Cheyenne brought home to the US. The 23-year-old is stranded in Peru after she traveled alone to attend a weeklong “spiritual retreat” near the northern city of Iquitos. However, five days before she was to return, Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra issued a 15-day border closure to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The 65-year-old Twisted Sister frontman is now doing whatever it takes, and even took to Facebook this week to share a plea for assistance, claiming the US and Peru were “hanging people out to dry” as countries continued shutting their borders. “I do a lot of things but I’m best known, of course, for being the lead singer and frontman for the band Twister Sister,” he said in the Facebook video, while wearing black sunglasses and a blue tank top. “Mr. We’re Not Gonna Take It and, I guess, I’m not taking it right now.”

A former contestant on Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice reality series, the rocker called the president’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic a “mockery” and said he would rather vote for a “baked potato” than see Trump in office for another four years. “There are literally thousands of American citizens stuck in foreign countries under quarantine and not being allowed to return home. I know this because my daughter Shy, or Cheyenne, is one of over 800 stuck in Peru right now. The borders have been closed and there are no flights going out. They are not being let out,” Dee explained, adding, “We’ve got to do better, we’ve got to help our own.”

Dee spoke to Page Six earlier in the week, explaining that he was “frustrated and frightened.” He said, “We are talking to a lot of people, and we are being optimistic. There’s some [reassurance for us] that there are Americans with her in the country, but they are all scared.” Dee’s wife and Chey’s mother, Suzette Snider, 58, shared a picture of her girl online, adding that, “Our daughter is stranded in the Jungles of Peru. With no way of getting out. Our government needs to take action and get our people out.”

dee snider
Dee Snider’s daughter is trapped abroad. Image: Shutterstock

Dee, who also told Page Six that he reached out to the military and to the U.S. Embassy in Peru for help, took to social media to raise awareness of Americans stranded overseas. “These are really difficult times for everybody all over the world,” he said in a four-and-a-half-minute Instagram Video. “We’re all struggling at home to make sense of what’s going on and to keep our families and friends safe, to do the right thing. Here’s hoping Chey gets home safely!

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