Jamie Lee Curtis Makes Hilarious Joke About ‘Social Distancing’ With Epic ‘Halloween’ Meme

Jamie Lee Curtis thinks Michael Myer had one secret weapon that could’ve helped amid the coronavirus outbreak! The star of the original ‘Halloween’ movie just shared the best meme that fans are calling ‘brilliant’ and more.

Jamie Lee Curtis, 61, thinks people would stay six feet away if you wore Michael Myers‘ ice hockey mask! The star of John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween film brought comedic relief to Instagram when she shared a photo of one of the horror genre’s most notorious villains to Instagram on March 20. Instead of a suburban neighborhood in Haddonfield, Illinois, Mr. Myers was standing in a grocery store aisle selecting a bag of chips.

“I mean….. they haven’t banned LAUGHTER!” Jamie joked in the caption. Meanwhile, many other normal functions have essentially been “banned” in California, where Jamie lives. Governor Gavin Newsom issued a mandatory stay-at-home order for all its 40 million residents on March 19, but essential businesses (like grocery stores) will remain open amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many similar restrictions are being enforced across the U.S., so Jamie’s meme helped lift the mood on social media. “This is brilliant…we must keep our sense of humour!!!” one fan wrote in the comments section, while another person commented, “This is the best lol.” In all seriousness, though, Jamie has been taking the CDC’s recommendation to stand six feet away from people seriously. On March 19, she shared a cartoon of a child holding a sign that read, “Sending you a socially-distanced hug.”

Jamie hasn’t been the only celebrity to poke some (gentle) fun at the notion of social distancing. Big Little Lies stars Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern transformed into their Monterey Bay characters by going on a hike on March 20, and they even snapped photos together…just not side-by-side. Each HBO star took turns snapping a selfie while the other stood — you guessed it — about six feet away from the other. Stars are proving that we can fight the coronavirus pandemic and still have a laugh, when appropriate.

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