Knicks are now even butt of Trevor Noah coronavirus jokes

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Knicks remain a punch line. At least to comic Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show.”

During a recent rant on the fast-spreading disease, Noah referenced the NBA’s ongoing woes in an online video:

“We’ve found out four Brooklyn Nets players, including Kevin Durant, have coronavirus,’’ Noah began. “So now the Nets have coronavirus. The Jazz have coronavirus. The Pistons have coronavirus. It’s going around to all the NBA teams. Except the Knicks. Because not even Corona wants to be on the Knicks.”

The Knicks released a statement Wednesday night that said none of their players have been tested because they haven’t shown symptoms. The club, as first reported by The Post, is following CDC procedure in not testing an asymptomatic player. James Dolan’s Knicks were on pace to miss the playoffs a seventh straight year when the season was suspended nine days ago.

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