Lady Gaga’s best work may be on way after ‘Stupid Love’

A star is back.

The Lady Gaga whom legions of Little Monsters have been missing since her disco stick-riding days of yore has returned with “Stupid Love,” her new single and video that dropped early Friday.

The dizzying dance track — the first single from her upcoming sixth studio album — is Gaga’s first new music since “A Star Is Born,” the 2018 hit movie that won her a Best Original Song Oscar. But we’re far from the “Shallow” now.

From the moment the thumping drums and throbbing synths — with echoes of Donna Summer’s disco classic “I Feel Love” — kick in, it’s clear that Ally Maine has been fully exorcised. But even more than freeing Gaga from her “A Star Is Born” character that she disappeared into, “Stupid Love” stomps all over the remains of “Joanne,” her 2016 country-pop turn, as well as 2013’s alienating “Artpop.”

"Stupid Love"
“Stupid Love” from Interscope Records

“All I ever wanted was love,” Gaga sings in not-so-deep reflection. And from her new single, it’s clear that she’s craving the same kind of love that she got back in the day, when “The Fame,” “The Fame Monster” and “Born This Way” produced a string of hits and eye-popping videos.

The futuristic clip for “Stupid Love” also harks back to Gaga’s heavily choreographed and outrageously costumed days. Taking cues from both “Mad Max” and “Enigma” — her Las Vegas concert residency that ends in May — it’s a dancefest in the desert.

There’s a battle going on, although exactly what they’re fighting over isn’t clear (and doesn’t really matter). But then Gaga swoops in and breaks it all up so everyone can twirl together in unity.

Mother Monster saves the day — and, with “Stupid Love,” she comes roaring back.

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