Melania Trump Sends Love To Barron On 14th Birthday With Celebratory Message

Barron Trump is getting lots of love from his mom on his 14th birthday. First Lady Melania Trump sent her teenager a sweet message on Twitter in honor of the big day.

Barron Trump sadly had to celebrate his 14th birthday in quarantine at the White House due to COVID-19, but his mother made sure that it was special. First Lady Melania Trump, 49, gave her teenage son a special shoutout on her official instagram account on March 20, tweeting “Happy Birthday BWT” with lots of hearts. That’s Barron William Trump to the rest of us. She also tweeted a photo of balloons, along with her message. As of the afternoon of March 20, Barron’s father, President Donald Trump, 73, had not acknowledged Barron’s birthday on social media. He was a little busy, though, giving another address to the nation about the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a previous press conference, the president said that he had spoken to his youngest son about the threat of coronavirus — which he previously said wasn’t any worse than the flu, and would blow over. “I’ve spoken, actually, with my son [Barron]. He said ‘How bad is this?’ It’s bad. It’s bad,” Trump said during the March 16 address. At least he finally admitted it. The president, prior to this, had claimed that the coronavirus outbreak, which has now infected 200,000 people worldwide, and over 5000 in his hometown of New York City alone, was a “Democratic hoax.”

Barron has had quite the year. The teenager has had to grow up in the spotlight; he was just 10 years old when his father was campaigning for president. He isn’t seen often in public, usually only while heading off to Mar-a-Lago or another destination with his parents and siblings. Whenever pictures of the president’s youngest son surface, people can’t believe how tall he’s gotten.

Melania, a former model, is 5’10”, and Donald stands tall at 6’3″ — Barron towers over both of them. Click HERE to scroll through all the photos of Barron throughout Trump’s presidency, in honor of his 14th birthday.

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