New Kobe Bryant sneaker seems to be coming in March

Select retailers will begin selling a refurbished version of the “Lakers” Zoom Kobe 5 Protro sneakers beginning on March 26, according to Footwear News.

With the spike in demand for Kobe Bryant merchandise following his January death, the shoe, which Bryant wore during the 2010 NBA Finals when he secured his final championship with Los Angeles, is making a comeback.

A Kobe Bryant sneaker hangs on a memorial to the Lakers star
A Kobe Bryant sneaker hangs on a memorial to the Lakers starMediaNews Group via Getty Images

The Kobe 5 Protro will sport Lakers colors, purple and gold, and is considered a retro version of the older Kobe 5 shoes with slightly newer technology.

Most big-brand memorabilia shops have sold out of Bryant-related items, including Nike. The only way to purchase past Kobe sneakers is through bidding sites that have ridiculously high asking prices.

Nike has yet to say when the Kobe 5 Protro will be released. Spurs star DeMar DeRozan gave fans a sneak peek when he wore the sneakers during a recent game.

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