Nia Dennis: 5 Things About UCLA Gymnast, 21, Who Nailed Impressive & Viral Floor Routine

With a practically perfect, Beyonce-inspired floor routine, Nia Dennis became a viral sensation, taking the world of gymnastics and social media by storm! Here are five things you need to know about her!

The future of gymnastics looks bright with Nia Dennis! The 21-year-old UCLA student became a viral sensation on Feb. 28, after her Beyonce-inspired floor routine circulated throughout the internet. While so many of Nia’s dedicated and newly budding fans felt her 9.975 final score should have been a perfect 10, there’s no denying that this tumbling titan has a lot of skill. Nia’s floor routine nearly helped UCLA clinch the first place spot over Utah, with the latter team beating UCLA 198.075-198.025. Regardless of the numbers on the board, Nia has a lot to offer this intense sport. Here are five things you need to know about Nia Dennis!

1) Nia became a skilled gymnast at a very young age. Born in Columbus, OH in February 1999, Nia became a National team member in 2012 after training for a number of years. Nia began to build her skill set as a gymnast at the Buckeye Gymnastics center. However, she left Ohio in 2015 to pursue her training at Legacy Elite Gymnastics. She currently lives in Naperville, IL when she is not studying or participating on the gymnastics team at the University of California, Los Angeles.

2) She’s been representing the United States for years. Nia is already a professional athlete competing for the United States in a number of tournaments. While she began as a member of the National team in 2012, she went on to represent America on the international stage in 2014 at the age of 15!

3) Nia is already a decorated medalist. The young gymnast already has a slew of medals to her name. At the 2014 Pacific Rim Championships, Nia and her team earned a gold medal for their team efforts, while Nia earned two individual silver medals for All-Around and for Vault. At the 2013 U.S. Classic, Nia won a gold medal for Vault and a silver for her Floor routine. In 2018, her UCLA team won the gold and in 2019 their team won the bronze medal at the NCAA tournament, respectively.

4) She has a lot of fun interests! Nia’s life isn’t gymnastics 24/7. Outside of her rigorous training and competitions, Nia loves to cook and do nail art. Her favorite book growing up was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and while her career trajectory appears to be professional athlete, her favorite school subject is social studies.

5) Nia is quickly becoming a star. As of the publishing of this article, Nia already has over 70-hundred-thousand followers on her personal Instagram account Her posts range from fun pics at the beach, supporting her fellow gymnasts, and, of course, showing off her skillful floor routines!

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