Phil Murphy, New Jersey Governor, Says He Has a Kidney Tumor

Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey said on Saturday that he would undergo surgery next month to remove a tumor on his kidney.

“I’ve got a tumor on my left kidney and will undergo a partial nephrectomy in early March to remove it,” Mr. Murphy, a Democrat, wrote on Twitter. “The prognosis is very good and I’m profoundly grateful to my doctors for detecting the tumor early.”

He added that “Over 50,000 New Jerseyans will hear the words ‘you have cancer’ this year, so I’m far from alone here.”

The governor, a former Wall Street banker, said that he would continue to fight for better health care for residents.

“Health care is a right, not a privilege for a select few, and skyrocketing medical costs are a national emergency,” Mr. Murphy wrote. “If there’s anything my diagnosis reminds me of, it’s that preventative services are lifesaving and we need to continue fighting for affordable health care for all.”

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