Pink Lets Daughter Willow, 8, Help Dad Carey Hart Shave His Head: Watch

Instead of losing his mind during quarantine, Carey Hart is losing his hair! Pink’s husband underwent a drastic makeover with help from their young daughter, Willow.

“We’ve lost it,” Pink captioned her Mar. 19 Instagram post. Technically, only Carey Hart lost it, and by “it,” we mean his hair. The 44-year-old former motocross star and current off-road truck racer decided to get a haircut. Because he, Pink, 40, and the rest of their family are under quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak, Carey couldn’t hit up his local barber. So, he had his 8-year-old daughter Willow do the job for him. After the fresh haircut she got this past September, she would be the perfect person to shade her dad completely bare.  “I think we’re going Full Metal Jacket, people,” said Pink, dashing the hopes that Carey would give himself a Taxi Driver Travis Bickle-style mohawk.

“You look crazy,” said Willow, prompting her dad to give her a wild, berserker-style shout. Pink shared a snap of the makeover in progress, showing just how “crazy” her hubby looked. Afterward, Carey shared the before and after pics to his own personal Instagram account. “So, I figure I won’t be able to go to the barbershop anytime soon,” he says in a video before sharing the byproduct of his “FULL METAL QUARANTINE.” Now, someone needs to remix his vocal the same way they did that with Cardi B’s “coronavirus” rant.

After his makeover, Carey poked fun at his quarantine by sharing a screenshot from The Shining. “A couple of weeks of isolation with the family. What can go wrong?” read the caption. His wife chimed in the comments section. “I’m Jack Nicholson in this scenario.”

Pink shared how she was avoiding going all “Jack Torrance” on Carey, Willow, and their son, Jameson, 3. With Willow’s help, she put together an hourly schedule that the family could follow. By picking out “Academic Time,” “Creative Time,” “Chore Time,” “Quiet Time,” and exercise, it helps the family keep their sanity during these trying times. It might be a little too late for Carey’s hairline, but at least he looks good bald.

It’s good to know that Pink and her family aren’t letting this pandemic dampen their spirits. Even when she had to attend a friend’s birthday party remotely through Zoom, Pink cracked open the wine, donned the party hat, and made sure to celebrate. “My first birthday party on Zoom, and I had to get all dressed up! I love you @ssilver3 @kerrikenneysilver.”

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