‘RHOA’ Star Cynthia Bailey’s Daughter Noelle, 20, Takes Romance With New GF Public — Watch

Noelle Robinson is ‘in love’ with her new girlfriend, YouTuber Alexis Powell! The new couple has even starred in multiple YouTube videos together.

Cynthia Bailey’s daughter Noelle Robinson, 20, is happily showing off her new girlfriend to the world: YouTuber Alexis Powell! She made her official debut on Noelle’s Instagram page on March 19, when Noelle shared a TikTok of themselves mouthing along to a hilarious bit of audio (below). Noelle first dropped a reference to the new love in her life on March 17, when she shared photos of herself smiling at a luxurious white and black rose bouquet.

The black roses were arranged in the shape of her first name’s initial, and Noelle wrote in the caption, “wow okay im [sic] in love 🥰.” It didn’t look like The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was just talking about the roses, because Alexis hopped into the comments section to write, “Anything for you😘.” Noelle’s family showed their support for this new relationship in the comments section! Cynthia left a red heart emoji, while her aunt Malorie Bailey followed suit with a trail of black heart emojis.

Technically, Noelle and Alexis’ relationship went public when the latter shared a Vlog of their trip to Las Vegas on Feb. 22! Alexis titled the video “NOLEX IN VEGA$$” — we love their couple’s nickname! “Nolex” often film videos together; Noelle also starred in Alexis’ YouTube videos “SMACK OR FACTS CHALLENGE,” “NEVER HAVE I EVER” and EX AS MY SCREENSAVER PRANK ON MY GIRLFRIEND ❗️.”

Noelle came out as sexually fluid to her mother during an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that aired in Nov. 2019. “It really just came out of nowhere. I wasn’t really expecting that to happen,” Noelle said during the episode, which was filmed while she was home on break from Howard University.

Noelle Robinson, Cynthia Bailey
Noelle Robinson gushes that she’s “in love” underneath a photo of her rose bouquet from girlfriend Alexis Powell, who leaves the last comment in the screenshot above. (@noellerobinson/Instagram)

Cynthia opened up about her daughter’s brave decision to come out to the world when we caught up with the RHOA star at BravoCon in Nov. 2019! “She was having a lot of anxiety before the show aired, because she didn’t know how it was going to make her feel,” Cynthia EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in New York City. “But I cannot tell you the love and support, it’s all I’ve been talking about all week, which was wise, because so many moms have been shouting out to me, so many kids that are fluid.”

“They are a generation where they don’t want to be put in a box, they didn’t want to be labeled, and for me as a parent I’m just happy, and proud, that I’m the kind of parent that…I just want to be the kind of parent that she can feel comfortable even coming to, to talk to about sexuality,” Cynthia continued. “I came up in a time where I didn’t even feel comfortable talking to my mom about sex.”

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