Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Ooze Romance Performing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Kiss Me’ In New Video — Watch

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello partnered with WHO and Global Citizen to put on an ‘at-home concert’ on March 20! Camila even teased details about Shawn’s new music during the Instagram Live performance.

Shawn Mendes, 21, and Camila Cabello, 23, encouraged fans to stay at home by bringing the concert to their phone screens. To promote social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, the lovers teamed up to perform Ed Sheeran’s romantic song, “Kiss Me,” as part of their partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Global Citizen on March 20! Ed released the song in 2011 — nearly a decade ago! “Didn’t we sing this song together when we were young?” Camila asked Shawn during Friday’s Instagram Live session, which he confirmed was true. The video of their original cover is still on YouTube, which Shawn and Camila filmed in 2017 (AKA, when they were still pals).

Shawn strummed away on his acoustic guitar, and Camila added to his dreamboat vocals during the chorus. They let Ed’s intimate lyrics carry them away; at one point, the duet partners touched foreheads.

Other songs performed during this virtual concert was Shawn’s bop “Lost In Japan,” and Camila’s “Havana.” Of course, they had to end on their collab, “Señorita.” Giggles were shared throughout the performance! Well, Shawn did say that they’d “entertain” fans, but couldn’t promise “it’s going to be incredible.” Rather, Shawn and Camila let loose and got comfortable as they enjoyed the outdoor performance. During an intermission, Camila even couldn’t help but spill exciting news about Shawn’s upcoming music: “I’ve heard some stuff, and it’s pretty magical. It’s pretty magical. ” Shawn broke news of this forthcoming fourth album via his Instagram Story on Feb. 21!

Shawn and Camila followed the many other celebrities who’ve joined Global Citizen’s “#TogetherAtHome” concert series. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, in addition to Niall Horan and Common, have all put on concerts from the safety of their homes!

You may need to wait for Shawn and Camila to deliver another collaboration like “Señorita,” which they performed above. When asked if plans are underway for even more collabs, Camila told Jimmy Hill at The Global Awards 2020 in London on March 6, “I want more, we want more but honestly we’re being in our twenties.” Jimmy asked if that meant if they were too “busy” to make music together, to which Camila said, “No, not even like that. Just like being in love is exhausting, it takes it out of you. We can’t even go to the studio, we can’t, yeah. We’re trying to calm down!” Fans have witnessed a whirlwind romance unfold between Shawn and Camila ever since they upgraded their platonic relationship in the summer of 2019.

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