Simon Pegg, Nick Frost turn ‘Shaun of the Dead’ scene into the coronavirus PSA

These zombie-film actors have some advice for real-world residents: Keep calm and stay at home.

Actors Simon Pegg, 50, and Nick Frost, 47, released a public service announcement on YouTube Thursday in the form of a remade scene from their 2004 Edgar Wright-directed apocalypse parody, “Shaun of the Dead.”

In “The Plan,” which has already racked up over 1.3 million views as of Friday morning, the pair re-create a famous scene where they discuss murdering Shaun’s stepfather (Bill Nighy), who has become infected. Once Nighy is dead, they plan to save Shaun’s mother — and then enjoy some tea and wait for the pandemic to pass.

The PSA-version offers similar advice.

“Hey, so what’s the plan?” asks Frost in a telephone call.

“If you can, stay at home, have a cup of tea, and wait for all this to blow over. Above all, don’t be a twat about things. We’re all in this together. Don’t be selfish, look after each other, give someone a call if you think they might be lonely,” Pegg tells Frost over the phone, after warning him not to go to the local pub.

Frost then informs Pegg he’s running out of toilet paper — and the camera pans to show Pegg has been hoarding it.

“Don’t panic!” the clip ends. “We can beat the apocalypse . . . together. Love from Simon and Nick.”

Fans are here for the advice — some responded with photos showing they had already created placards of one of the film’s famous quotes, to have near them in quarantine. “Go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for this all to blow over,” reads a board next to one woman, who appears to be enjoying a beer in lockdown.

In addition to sipping tea and patiently waiting, folks have found a number of other ways to entertain themselves in quarantine, including listening to hot pianists from their balconies and singing out their windows.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in 2004’s “Shaun of the Dead.”Rogue Pictures

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