Sophie Turner Reveals Why She Fell For Joe Jonas & Admits She Thinks She’s Out Of His League

Sophie Turner’s love story with Joe Jonas has quite the adorable backstory! The actress reveals why she fell for the singer on the first night they met after multiple people told her they’d be perfect for each other! Yet, she still thinks she’s out of his league!

They say opposites attract — and, while that might be true, it wasn’t exactly the case for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. Before their first meeting, the Game of Thrones star, 24, was told that she and Joe, 30, were very similar. “You should meet Joe Jonas. I feel like you would really get along with this guy,” a movie producer, who had once lived next door to the Jonas Brothers, told her while she was working on a movie in 2016. Sophie recalled the random moment during her cover interview with Elle magazine, published on March 3.

Not long after, “I went to a meeting, and Joe’s agent was in the room. And he was like, ‘You remind me of one of my clients. I bet you two would really hit it off,’” Sophie said.

Later that same year, Joe was touring in the UK, where Sophie had lived at the time. Before he touched down, the singer slid in her DMs and asked she wanted to get together while he was in town. “I expected him to show up with security and everything. I thought, ‘He’s gonna be such a dick.’ I brought all my guy friends to come with me to meet him, because in the back of my mind I still worried that he could be a catfish — or I don’t know what,” she recalled, admitting, “I just wanted my guy friends with me. I had my rugby boys. I was safe.”

The group ended up meeting at a bar in Camden. “It was just this local sh–ty bar, dirty, with great music and people throwing up everywhere. It was that kind of place. Kind of like the worst, but also kind of the best,” she explained.

“He didn’t bring security. He brought a friend, and they drank just as hard as the rest of us. I remember the two of us spending only a couple of minutes on the dance floor, and then we just found a space far in the corner and we just talked. We talked for hours, and hours, and hours,” Sophie continued. “And I was, like, not bored. It wasn’t contrived. It wasn’t small talk — it was just so easy. And soon we were, like, inseparable. I went on tour with him.”

While the two went on to marry, twice, Sophie still can’t believe she landed such an incredible guy.

“With Joe, I always felt like I was the one who was punching, like, way above my league. And I still feel like that,” she said. “He’s so handsome, talented, funny, charismatic. I’m really lucky to be with him and have someone like him want to be around me and spend time with me.”

Sophie and Joe first wed on May 1, 2019, in Las Vegas. The ceremony, which was officiated by an Elvis impersonator at A Little White Wedding Chapel, occured right after the Billboard  Music Awards. About two months later, they wed for the second time in a formal ceremony in the South of France.

As for what’s changed since they said I do?  — “I feel like the only thing that’s changed for me is having this incredible sense of security. Just the word husband and the word wife — it just solidifies the relationship,” she explained to the magazine. “I love being married. I think it’s wonderful. I’m sure we’ll have our hiccups and our different things. But right now, it’s like the security and the safety is everything.”

Sophie and Joe have been subject to recent reports that she is pregnant with their first child. The couple, however, has not addressed or confirmed the pregnancy rumors.

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