Spike Lee continues war of words with Knicks: ‘F–king laughingstock’

The war of words between Spike Lee and the Knicks continued Tuesday afternoon when Lee called the team a “f–king laughingstock.”

Lee, speaking to the New York Times, was responding to the Knicks’ statement regarding Lee’s complaint about how he was treated by James Dolan and Garden security Monday night. The Knicks called Lee’s version of events “laughable.”

“Whats laughable is how the Knicks are the laughingstock of the league in sports. That’s what’s f–king laughable,” Lee told the Times.

The Knicks have the worst winning percentage (.400) in the NBA over the last 20 seasons, including this season. The Charlotte Hornets franchise (18 seasons) is second-worst with a .414 winning percentage, right behind the Minnesota Timberwolves (.416). The Knicks will miss the playoffs for the seventh straight season.

Lee said Tuesday on ESPN’s “First Take” he was being “harassed by James Dolan” after security gave him a hard time Monday for supposedly entering through the wrong entrance. Lee says he’s been entering through the same employee entrance for nearly 30 years as a season-ticket holder.

Lee met with Dolan during halftime Monday. The Knicks shared a photo of Dolan and Lee shaking hands along with their Tuesday statement. Lee told the Times he told Dolan he was never informed about a new entrance policy at the arena. Dolan replied “Now you know,” according to Lee, who said Dolan responded “very rudely.”

During his interview with the Times, Lee claimed he did not shake hands with Dolan Monday night, but he retracted that when informed of the photo the Knicks shared of the two shaking hands.

The Knicks initially said Monday night that Lee entered through the wrong entrance and that Lee was no longer angry, which Lee said was a “lie.” Lee says the Knicks’ second statement was also a lie.

Former Pacers rival Reggie Miller suggested on Twitter that Lee change allegiances, and Lee told the Times the Brooklyn Nets reached out to him, although he has no plans to give up his Knicks fandom. He will not attend games the rest of the season, but plans to return next season.

“Anything the Knicks say, it’s going to be a lie,” Lee told the Times. “I challenge you to get the answers. I want Madison Square Garden to produce an email before I arrived at the Garden yesterday saying, ‘Mr. Lee, you could no longer use the employee entrance.’….It never happened.”

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