The ‘If I Go Missing’ Folder Is One TikTok Trend Worth Taking Seriously

The ‘If I Go Missing’ Folder Is One TikTok Trend Worth Taking Seriously

The ‘If I Go Missing’ Folder Is One TikTok Trend Worth Taking Seriously


These viral binders let you save and store personal information that could help authorities find you in case you go missing

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TikTok isn’t just about pushing air fryers and celebrity (kid) trends these days — the site is also sparking much-needed conversations about personal safety.

The latest TikTok trend: creating so-called “If I Go Missing” packets, which are folders that contain vital information about yourself in case you can’t be found.

The “If I Go Missing” trend has even caught the attention of mainstream media, with the ladies of The View discussing the importance of having these folders during a recent episode.

So how exactly do these binders work? And why is this one trend worth taking seriously? Here’s what you need to know about putting together an “If I Go Missing” folder, and where to buy easy-to-assemble kits online.

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What Is An “If I Go Missing” Folder?

What to Include in An “If I Go Missing” Folder

The Best “If I Go Missing” Folders Online

Not sure what to include in your “If I Go Missing” kit? Don’t stress. A number of brands are making it easy to put your missing persons file together, with all-in-one kits that take you through step by step — and item by item.

Best Overall: Savor “In Case I Go Missing” Binder

Best Starter Kit: Uquelic Binder Folio

Best Printable Kit: Etsy “Just In Case” Binder

1. Savor In Case I Go Missing Binder

Buy Savor in Case I Go Missing Binder |… $49.95

This best-selling “If I Go Missing” binder includes a handy checklist of everything you should include in your file, including copies of your passport, medical information, handwriting samples and photos. Go through the list and organize everything into the binder’s envelopes, which come in multiple sizes to hold everything from pictures to small accessories (think extra keys or a hair sample).

The folders stretch out to accommodate the contents inside but are kept secure with a button-and-string closure.

2. Uquelic Large Three-Ring Binder Folio


Buy Uquelic Large 3 Ring Binder Folio, File… $39.99

This three-ring binder gives you plenty of space for your documents, with 12 expandable plastic envelopes sized to fit everything from pictures to IDs to medical records. Elastic straps keep the folders closed.

The binder also comes with blank white cards and adhesive labels for easy labelling and organization. Everything is housed in a durable foam-core cover that won’t tear or crack.

3. Etsy Just In Case Binder


Buy Just In Case Binder $18

Prefer a printable version of the “If I Go Missing” kit? Etsy sells a number of PDF templates that you can print and fill out with all your vital information.

This “Just In Case” kit includes 10 sections: Documents, Personal Info, Medical, Finances, Vehicles, Property, Online, Emergencies, Final Wishes, and Misc. Print the pages out, jot down your notes and then keep them organized in a binder (note: a binder is not included but we like this one from Amazon).

What Is An “If I Go Missing” Kit?

The “If I Go Missing” folder trend can be traced to organizational brand Savor, which first introduced the products last year. The rise of true crime shows on TV and true crime stories has revived the trend on TikTok and other social media platforms.

As the name suggests, the best “If I Go Missing” kits allow you to save and store personal information that could help loved ones and authorities find you in case you go missing. The basic premise is that with everything in one place, police don’t have to execute search warrants or go hunting for details that are already compiled for them.

What to Include in An “If I Go Missing” Kit

According to Savor, there are a few basic things to always include in your “If I Go Missing” folder, such as photocopies of your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, medical history, health card/insurance information, car registration and other forms of ID.

You’ll want to include photos of yourself, which should clearly show your hair color, eye color, body type and any identifiable markings, like birthmarks, scars, piercings or tattoos. Make sure to also jot down your physical information, like your height and weight.

Most “If I Go Missing” kits contain envelopes that you can use to safely store your documents and photos. Some people also add a hair sample to their packets, to help with DNA testing.


Some other things to consider adding to your “In Case I Go Missing” folder: usernames and passwords to your email accounts, bank accounts and social media accounts. If you have a passcode on your phone, you’ll want to jot down the PIN in case someone needs to unlock and access your device.

Some people like to include a handwriting kit or print sample of their writing. A fingerprint kit is also useful for identification purposes.

The final thing is to include the names and phone numbers of emergency contacts and close friends. Put down multiple names and numbers too — you want to ensure that authorities can reach someone from your family or one of your friends if they can’t reach you.

According to Savor, “The ‘In Case I Go Missing’ binder makes it super easy for the true-crime obsessed to record their key stats for their loved ones. Or, for the less dark among us, it’s a great way to share important information your family should know, but often is held by only one person.”

Find out more and shop the viral TikTok binder here.

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