‘The Voice’ Recap: John Legend Nabs A Frontrunner After Epic Blind Audition

The stakes are already higher than ever on ‘The Voice’ season 18 and the coaches witnessed someone who could win the entire competition in the final blind audition of the night.

The season 18 blind auditions continue and there are plenty of singers who want to impress the coaches. Allegra Miles performs a slowed-down version of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” on the piano and it’s beautiful. Kelly Clarkson turns her chair first for the 16-year-old and then Nick Jonas. Kelly admits that Allegra reminds her of former The Voice champion Brynn Cartelli. Nick thinks they could make it to the finals together and maybe even win it all. Blake Shelton even vouches for Nick. In the end, Allegra does choose Nick after all. “She could be a real threat to the competition,” Nick says.

Cammwess sings a slow and soulful rendition of The Weeknd’s “Earned It.” The 22-year-old gets John Legend to turn first and then Blake. John knows that they can do so much good work together and says that he connected to Cammwess musically. Blake believes he can take Cammwess to the finale but he seems to know Cammwess is going to pick John. And that’s what Cammwess does!

Joei Fulco takes the stage and sings “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves” by Cher. Blake and Nick both turn their chairs, but Blake ends up blocking Nick! The 22-year-old is officially on Team Blake! Sara Collins since “Johnny & June” by Heidi Newfield and both Nick and Kelly go after this country artist. The 18-year-old picks Kelly as her coach.

Samantha Howell sings a terrific rendition of “Take It On The Run.” Kelly turns first and blocks Blake! Blake still turns his chair for the 19-year-old even though he’s blocked and he’s followed by Nick. Kelly and Nick go at it over Samantha. Nick goes all-out for Samantha. He says her voice reminded him of his first dance with Priyanka Chopra on their wedding night. (Note: Their first dance was to Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.”) Despite Nick’s best efforts, Samantha chooses Kelly as her coach.

Jamal Corrie, 26, takes the stage with this solid rendition of Dean Lewis’s “Be Alright.” Blake is the only one to turn for Jamal. Blake believes Jamal has talent and is “proud” to be his coach. Kelly and the other coaches know he has talent, they just want him to work on his confidence.

Samuel Wilco has served in the military for 20 years but his future is in music. Samuel is currently stationed at Fort Knox and has been deployed 3 times to Kuwait. He’s going to be retiring in 2021. The 39-year-old sings a powerful rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Lately.” When he hits a certain high note, both Kelly and Nick immediately turn their chairs. “I love your voice,” Kelly raves, before adding that she “felt a connection right away” with him. Nick adds, “We need a voice like that in this competition.” In the end, he chooses Nick because his kids are big fans.

The final blind audition of the night is Thunderstorm Artis. The 23-year-old sings a stunning and original rendition of The Beatles classic “Blackbird.” Kelly, Nick, and John turn almost instantaneously for Thunderstorm. Blake turns his chair as well. Nick and John stand up for Thunderstorm as he finishes his performance. “That is what this show is all about,” Nick says. He tells Thunderstorm that the performance was “perfect.” Kelly admits that Thunderstorm is “someone who could win this competition” for sure. It’s a tough call but Thunderstorm’s gut leads him to Team John! “He’s already a star,” John says. “He just mesmerized all of us.”

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