‘This Is Us’ Star Faithe Herman Reveals Her Onscreen Siblings Are Like Her ‘Real Sisters’ & More

Faithe Herman has grown up on ‘This Is Us’ and it’s been great to watch this adorable 11-year-old rise. HL spoke with Faithe about life on the set of ‘This Is Us,’ playing young Angela in ‘Watchmen,’ and more.

This Is Us season 4 is coming to an end, but we’ll be seeing the Pearson family for two more seasons. Faithe Herman has played the adorable Annie Pearson, the youngest daughter of Randall and Beth Pearson, since the show started. The This Is Us cast is very much like a family when the cameras aren’t rolling. Faithe spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife and revealed how Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson have helped her over the past 4 seasons. “One time on set I was afraid of messing up my lines and forgetting them so Mr. Sterling and Ms. Susan were very comforting and they’re like, ‘It’s okay if you mess up. That’s how you learn.’ I’ve learned so much stuff from them,” Faithe said.

Faithe has also become close to Eris Baker and Lyric Ross, who play her onscreen siblings. “They’re like my real sisters,” Faithe continued. “We’ve been to each other’s birthday parties and we go to dinner, too. We’re always having fun on set and laughing. We’ve gone to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, too.”

In the midst of playing Annie, Faithe also got the opportunity to playing Angela, the younger version of Regina King’s character, in HBO’s Watchmen. “I loved playing Angela and it was something different because Annie is always happy and has funny comments,” Faithe said. “For Angela, I had to be more serious and stuff and I always had to be sad, but it was really fun playing her. I had fun going to Atlanta and then the director Mr. David [Semel] always gave such good points and stuff. He was really nice to me and the whole cast was amazing. I loved it.”

Faithe is a talented rising star and looks up to Yara Shahadi and Zendaya as role models. “I love Zendaya’s style and Yara is just amazing with how she got to go to school and go to work and balanced it all at the same time,” Faithe gushed. As for her advice for those who want to get into acting at a young age like she did, Faithe stressed to “always have fun and always believe in yourself.”

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