Thunderstorm Artis: 5 Things To Know About The Singer Who Leaves ‘The Voice’ Coaches Stunned

Thunderstorm Artis is a singer to watch this season on ‘The Voice.’ He wows the coaches with his gorgeous rendition of ‘Blackbird’ during the March 2 blind auditions.

Thunderstorm Artis takes the stage on The Voice for the blind auditions and he makes quite the impression. This is only the second week of the season 18 blind auditions and Thunderstorm is already a frontrunner. He’s going to be one to keep your eye on this season. All the coaches know this singer is incredibly talented. So, who is Thunderstorm Artis? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Thunderstorm’s rendition of “Blackbird” earns him a 4-chair turn. Almost immediately after he started singing The Beatles classic “Blackbird,” three of the coaches turn their chairs: John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Kelly Clarkson. Nick and John even stand up in the middle of the performance because they are so impressed. Blake Shelton eventually turns his chair as well, giving Thunderstorm the coveted 4-chair turn. “That is what this show is all about,” Nick raves after Thunderstorm’s performance. “That was unbelievable.”

2. Yes, Thunderstorm is his real name! Kelly asks him whether or not that’s his given name. He replies that his parents named him “Thunderstorm” at birth!

3. Thunderstorm performed at director Jon M. Chu’s wedding. The Crazy Rich Asians director revealed how he crossed paths with Thunderstorm in a pair of tweets. Jon wrote: “Two years ago I was walking w/my family in Hawaii when we passed a busker…my daughter stopped me in my tracks & couldn’t take her eyes or ears off of this guy & when we heard his voice, we couldn’t either. We stood there for an hour that day &was so moved I asked him to perform at our wedding . Six months later. He did. If you don’t know his name now… you will. Oh and he makes his debut on The Voice next week. Wow. His destiny is upon us. His name is Thunderstorm. Get ready for the changing winds.”

4. His father has a connection to the King of Pop. Ron Artis performed the keyboards on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” according to Hawaii News Now.

5. He hails from Hawaii. Thunderstorm is from Haleiwa, a city in Oahu. Thunderstorm is also one of 11 children!

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