‘Weird Al’ Yankovic won’t make coronavirus parody of ‘My Sharona’

Even “Weird Al” Yankovic won’t joke about the deadly coronavirus.

The musical comedian, 60, posted on Twitter that a coronavirus-themed parody of the Knack’s hit 1979 power-pop song “My Sharona” was going too far.

“Yeah, no, sorry. Not gonna do ‘My Corona,’ ” the five-time Grammy Award winner tweeted to fans petitioning for the cover song.

Several people had reached out asking for a “My Corona” parody while others had hoped for a cover of rapper Shwayze’s hit “Corona and Lime.”

But many fans seemed disappointed at Yankovic’s dismissal, claiming the song would be “infectious.”

“How about ‘Covid 19’ to the tune of ‘Come On Eileen?’ ” responded @rynels.

Others, though, praised Yankovic’s decision.

“A lot of people had the reaction of ‘Weird Al’ should do ‘My Corona,’ but Al knows when the right move is to not do a thing,” @chromigula replied.

Yankovic — also known for his original polka hits and self-titled TV show — has already parodied “My Sharona” with the song “My Bologna” on his 1983 self-titled album.

However, others didn’t have a problem making the obvious coronavirus parody.

YouTuber ZDoggMD — which advertises itself as “the best medical show on the web” — posted a video with a cover of the Knack’s hit song that has garnered 95,000 views and counting.

“Oooo my little Wuhan one, viral one, comin’ to congest my lungs, Ay Corona!” a person named Dr. Zubin Damania croons in the video.

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