William Shatner done with ‘Star Trek,’ says Captain Kirk is ‘played out’

If you are waiting for “Star Trek” legend William Shatner to make an appearance as Captain Kirk in a new film or TV series based on the original franchise, don’t hold your breath.

With “Star Trek: Picard” on CBS All Access giving new life to Patrick Stewart’s titular character, a fan asked Shatner if he would consider a series based on Kirk.

“No,” he tweeted back. “I think Kirk’s story is pretty well played out at this point.”

In a follow-up tweet, he addressed whether or not he would be in any extension of the franchise and he remarked: “What was any different about my statement on Kirk that I haven’t said before? I don’t do cameos (that one stretches back to 2008 & JJ) Kirk’s story is well told out of any other captain’s story. Kirk died in ‘Generations.’ What is really left? Adventures in the ribbon?”

Outside of “Picard, the Star Trek” franchise is currently developing films. It is still up in the air if Quentin Tarantino will be stepping down from directing an R-rated movie in the universe, while Noah Hawley has come aboard to develop another “Star Trek” film. Whatever happens, we can expect Shatner not to be there.

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