Yankees fan with autism remembers every score since 2014

Who did the Yankees play on Aug. 22, 2018? What was the score? Who were the starting pitchers?

You can google it — or you can ask Will.

According to his cousin John Frank, Will, who is Autistic, knows the result of every Yankees game since 2014. In a video posted on TikTok by Frank, who is from Long Island, Will was initially asked the score on July 16, 2014. He responded, “All-Star break.”

How about June 22, 2014?

“8-0 Orioles,” Will quickly replies. He even knew that Masahiro Tanaka and Chris Tillman were the starting pitchers.

“He has a unique talent that stands out. He has always been able to recite Yankees scores, who pitched, and even the lineup. He can also do Jets scores and who reffed the game,” Frank told Storyful.

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