Yankees’ Miguel Andujar outfield experiment succeeding so far

VENICE, Fla. — Miguel Andujar played left field Friday against the Braves and will repeat that exercise on Saturday when the Yankees face the Red Sox in a split-squad game.

In what was his second game in left, Andujar handled two chances flawlessly despite batting a high sky and wind Friday.

According to Aaron Boone, Andujar will not play Sunday, then will play third base in the middle of next week, as well as getting some time at first base. With Gio Urshela at third, the Yankees are attempting to see if they can use Andujar’s productive bat at other positions.

“It was another good day for him out there. I don’t want to overstate it because they were two fairly easy plays, but talking about a sun field where there was a lot of wind,’’ Boone said. “I am watching the pitcher and the batter and my eyes shift and [Andujar] is already on the move like he should be. I think he is reading the ball well out there and he is moving. So far it looks natural to him.’’

Asked if he would play Andujar in left on Sunday if the game counted, Boone quipped, “Well, we don’t have to play a game tomorrow.’’

Seriously, though, Boone wants Andujar to become more familiar with the position after he played third base in 2018 but barely at all last year due to right shoulder surgery.

“I want him to continue to get reps and experience,’’ Boone said.

Andujar went 1-for-2 and walked.

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