ZaZa Says She Wants To Make Music With North West After Amazing Paris Rap Performance

ZaZa commented on what she thinks about North West’s surprising remix performance of her song ‘What I Do?’ at Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion show in Paris on Mar. 2 in a new interview.

ZaZa, 5, loves the fact that North West, 6, rapped a remix of her song “What I Do?” at her dad Kanye West‘s Yeezy Season 8 fashion show in Paris, France on Mar. 2 and now she wants them to team up to make more music! The talented young artist talked about how she felt when she found out that North chose her song to rap to and what she wants to do next in a Mar. 3 interview with TMZ.

“It was really good, I really liked it, it felt like…it was so good,” the adorable little girl told the outlet in a video clip that can be seen HERE. “It was dope dope.” She went on to explain that at first she felt like North took the song away from her and didn’t understand why. “I felt like she just took it away and I was like, ‘Why did you took it away from me?’ It was my beat. Daddy speak to them because Daddy is a gangster!”

ZaZa then revealed that things are all good and she plans on doing a lot with North in the future. “We’re going to laugh and go to Disneyland and stuff like that, that’s cool,” she exclaimed. “Oh and wait wait wait, I have one more thing for you,” she continued before talking about making music with Kim Kardashian‘s daughter. “If you could like get them in to like a studio, we can probably like go and sing.” She also admitted that she never met her but agreed people should be nice to her and stop the negative claims that she stole her beat.

ZaZa’s interview comes after North wowed crowds during Paris Fashion Week when she rapped the pint-sized rapper’s song and remixed it to even include a shout-out to her cousin Penelope Disick, 7. Kim took to Instagram to share a message that said she was “so proud” of her and she also thanked ZaZa for the song. ZaZa’s parents then took to ZaZa’s Instagram page to explain that they weren’t mad about the performance but they wanted to make sure ZaZa got credit for the song.

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